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Please use the buttons above for my transcriptions of St Catherine’s Records.

These have not been double-checked - there will be errors and omissions of which I would be grateful to be informed.


An expensive part of our research is the cost of BMD Certificates and many of us already share this information. An enquiry to the GRO has confirmed that the certificates can be reproduced on-line.


Listed below are links to images of certificates I would like to share - any further contributions will be gratefully received and acknowledged (jpegs please).


Birth Certificates          

1841 BEDDIS Thomas

1862 BEDDIS Tom      

1866 BEDDIS Emma    

1884 BEDDIS Joseph Edward   

1885 BEDDIS Albert Edward    

1886 DIBBIN Alice Emily     


Marriage Certificates           

1838 BEDDIS William/ JONES Harriet       

1853 BEDDIS William/ TURLEY Emma

1855 RASBATCH George/ BEDDIS (WILLIAMS) Elizabeth

1856 DAVIES George/ BEDDIS Elizabeth  

1859 EVERETT Joseph/ BEDDIS Elizabeth

1861 BEDDIS Thomas/ HAWKINS Elizabeth

1868  DIBBIN Harry/ BRICE Frances

1885 BEDDIS William/ MORGAN Ann

1886 MORGAN Sidney/ BEDDIS Emma Elizabeth

1906 BEDDIS Albert Edward/ DIBBIN Alice Emily


Death Certificates

1844 BEDDIS Thomas 44

1848 BEDDIS Thomas 24

1849 BEDDIS (JAMES) Sarah 87

1885 BEDDIS Emma 19

1886 RASBACH (WILLIAMS) Elizabeth 76

1932 MORGAN (BEDDIS) Emma Elizabeth 71

1904 BEDDIS Thomas 62


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