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BEDDIS Family Tree

(Updated 27 June 2010)


At present the Tree contains 415 individuals of whom 210 are BEDDIS’S. To aid searching, the surname BEDDIS has been used throughout rather than the varients eg BEDDOES.


There is very limited data on the 2 youngest generations for obvious reasons, but more, including sources, on the older ones. 


Sources are varied – BMD Certificates, Census & Parish Records and some family lore.


The Tree draws heavily from two well-respected websites which were not available when I started out

· Forest of Dean Family History Transcription Project

· Ancestry.com


Whilst transcribing for the FOD Transcription Project I was very fortunate in that one of my assignments was the Parish of Awre 1538 – 1812.

With it came access to digital images of the original parish records – an invaluable asset to a BEDDIS researcher.

Knowing the high standards which are expected of transcribers - it took over a year for Awre to be transcribed and checked - I have no hesitation in using the transcribed records of other FOD parishes.


If you don’t already know this excellent free website, please make an early effort to visit it.



Please feel free to pick holes in the contents of my Family Tree - I’ll be disappointed if no-one does.


A salutary lesson was learned early on in my research when I was adamant that my Great Grandmother was the Emma BEDDIS who was, in fact, her cousin. A more experienced family member soon put me firmly in my place and I’ve welcomed advice ever since!


Family Tree.
Family Tree.