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Beddis Family History Website.


This is yet an infant in the early stages of development. Hopefully it will thrive and mature as the years go by.


The main purpose of the Beddis Family History Website is to share information on the Beddis and associated families with other interested researchers.


So what qualifies me to host the Beddis Family History Website?



As time goes by I hope that through collaboration we can publish an authenticated Family Tree which draws together as many of the strands of the family as possible. All of us have lots of bits of information which range from BMDs, Parish & Census Records to family anecdotes, photos and newspaper articles.


In Bradford, West Yorkshire where I was born and still live, there isn't a great deal of Beddis family history to be found. I therefore started my research at the local library by trawling through St Catherine's Records and recording every Beddis I found. These lists have been shared with a few Internet Cousins over the years - they say they found them useful - and were the first things to be added to the website. The BMD lists have not all been double-checked, there will be some errors and omissions. Please let me know when you find them and they can be corrected.


Janet Hardcastle (nee Beddis)






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Emma Elizabeth Beddis

1861 - 1932